An Innovative Product that Helps Prevent Vehicular Heat Stroke

Heat stroke presents a very real threat to pets and small children, particularly during the hotter seasons of the year. Even if you live somewhere with relatively moderate weather, it is important to be aware of the dangers of auto related heat illness. There are three stages of heat illness, the worst of which is of course heat stroke.

The Dangers of Heat Stroke

While the term heat stroke is common enough, many people do not know the specific medical and health repercussions of heat stroke. In pets the symptoms and long-term affects vary only very slightly from those in humans, meaning they are equally serious.
When a cat or other small mammal experiences heat stroke they can have issues such as organ failure, epilepsy, or other neurological disorders that may be permanent. This is true even in cases where animals are treated by a professional in a timely manner. Heat stroke can very easily result in death as well.

Key Features of the Vesta

We developed the Vesta device in an effort to significantly decrease the number of auto related heat stroke injuries and fatalities. Really, we just want to do our part. The following features are designed to help prevent incidents of heat stroke in pets and small children.

  • It monitors CO2 in order to estimate whether or not there are passengers present inside of the vehicle.
  • It is solar powered so that you do not have to buy a million disposable batteries, or worry about regularly taking a battery out to charge it inside the house where you’re unlike to remember it when going out for a drive.
  • It monitors the temperature inside of your vehicle with a regular thermometer.
  • When the device simultaneously registers that there is a passenger present and that the temperature has risen to a dangerous level it can send you a text message alert letting you know that there may be a passenger in danger of heat stroke.
  • It’s small enough to fit conveniently in a vehicle of any size.

We Want Your Pets to Be Safe

Taking care of your pets is a huge responsibility. Our company aims to make it a little bit easier to make sure that your pets are safe and comfortable when you take them out for a drive, or on a vacation. Things are easier when you have help. So let us help you and your pets with our innovative new product.

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November 5, 2016