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An Affordable Life-Saving Device

We would ask you how much it is worth to you to keep your pets and children safe, but we already know the answer- their safety is priceless. When you have people or animals that depend on you to keep them safe, you try to be as aware of potentially harmful situations, objects, locations, etc. as possible. But you’re only one person, and you can only do so much.

The Risk of Heat Stroke is Very Real

One of the many common, daily dangers that your pets and children probably encounter is heat stroke. You may not realize it, but even if you live somewhere with moderate weather your children and pets could be at serious risk of heat induced sickness when left in an unattended car; for any period of time.
Studies have shown that even on a nice 70 degree day, the temperature inside of your parked vehicle rises an incredible 20 degrees in just the first 10 minutes. It continues to steadily increase from there. Even ninety degrees could be detrimental to your little one’s health however.
Your car is a lot more like an oven than you probably realize. Lowering the windows a few inches for ventilation doesn’t help as much as you would think it does either. In fact, it makes less than a one degree difference over a 90 minute period.

We’ve Designed Vesta in Order to Help Reduce Risk

Fortunately, we have designed a product with your pet’s and children’s safety in mind. We specialize in helping you protect them from heat stress, exhaustion, or stroke, because too many lives are lost each year. We want to see awareness of the dangers of heat stroke; particularly in association with vehicles; rise, and the number of fatalities sink.

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October 3, 2016