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Key Features of the Vesta Heat Stroke Safety Device

The Vesta is a relatively new device which innovatively utilizes already familiar technology. We designed the device in order to do our part to help prevent heat stroke in pets; as well as children, and the elderly. The device is easy to use, takes up very little room and fits well in any vehicle; whether it is big, small, old, new, etc.
The majority of heat stroke incidents in pets are auto-related. Often, we neglect to realize how quickly the temperature rises in our vehicle when it is parked and turned off, even if the windows are cracked. In fact, studies have shown that cracking the windows of your vehicle makes such a minimal difference that is not even noticeable without a thermometer.
Vestamay very well protect your pets from the dangers of heat stroke when you take them out for adventures in your vehicle. We’ll go over the key features of the Vesta below to explain how our device can potentially help your pets.

It’s Intended to Detect the Presence of Passengers

Vestawas designed to detect the presence of passengers (whether your passenger is human, canine, feline, etc.) in your vehicle so that it should not just randomly alert you to the temperature in your vehicle when it is not situationally relevant. It can do so by utilizing several integrated technologies which we will discuss further down.

Monitors the Interior Temperature of Your Vehicle

The vast majority of temperature rise (up to 80%) in a parked vehicle happens during the first 30 minutes after turning the vehicle off. This is regardless of make, model, color, window position, etc. A large portion of that 80% happens during the first 10 minutes; the amount of time that pet owners typically justify leaving their pet in the car.
In order to help you try to ensure that your animals are safe and comfortable, Vestais built to monitor the temperature inside of your vehicle at short, regular intervals with no prompting.

Monitors the CO2 Emissions in Your Vehicle

Monitoring CO2 is the most cost effective manner to detect a passenger in a confined space such a car, truck, or SUV. Any increase in CO2 levels within such an environment can potentially indicate that someone or something is breathing. Noticeable changes in CO2 can also indicate that there is no air flow.

Text Alerts for Multiple Parties

The Vesta uses an app which may send an alert to your cellphone if it registers a passenger in danger. You can program it to send alerts to multiple parties as well, just in case one or more person is unable to respond to the notification quickly. Up to 10 people can receive alerts from your Vesta device.

GPS Feature

Why a GPS feature? Because we’ve all gone in to the store and immediately forgotten where we parked at least once or twice. When you receive an alert that your animal is reaching the danger zone for heat stress, exhaustion, or stroke the last thing you’ll want to do is worry about where you parked. Vesta just might help you a lot in a situation like this.


We know that you have a lot on your mind, and you don’t need to add ‘check and change batteries on Vesta’ to the list. That’s why we made sure you won’t have to worry about it too much. The Vesta is a solar-powered device that charges itself, however, you should still check its charge level before using it.

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July 31, 2016