Our Company Mission is to Help Prevent Auto-Related Heat Stroke

We specialize in caring about you and your family; including your pets. You and your loved ones’ comfort and safety are of the utmost important to us; and we’ve chosen to specialize in helping you prevent auto-related heat stress, exhaustion, or stroke.
We try to accomplish this goal by integrating already familiar technologies in order to create an innovative, new product that can alert you to the presence of a passenger in your vehicle once temperatures begin to rise to a dangerous level. Vestacan do this by monitoring CO2 levels in addition to temperature. If there is any detected increase in CO2, the device is supposed to recognize that there is a passenger. If the temperature of the car increases while the passenger is inside, Vestacan send a text message alert to you or a trusted friend or family member’s phone.

Auto Related Heat Illness & Fatalities

Every year, several dozen pets and children are seriously affected by heat related illness. Some of them even die. This is not only incredibly tragic, it is one of the most easily avoidable incidences of being afflicted by heat induced illness.
Everyone has the potential to forget a quiet or sleeping pet or child in a vehicle. The truth is, we have so many different things going on at once that we sometimes have a hard time remembering everything important all at once. Sometimes this can even lead to momentarily forgetting the most important thing of all- our loved ones.
Many people do not recognize the danger presented by quickly rising vehicle temperatures. In just ten minutes, a parked, unattended vehicle’s internal temperature can increase by almost 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If the outdoor temperature is above even just 70 degrees Fahrenheit, that short amount of time can be incredibly dangerous. Add another 10-15 minutes and it quickly spells disaster.

Our #1 Goal is to Help Protect People & Pets

Our device is designed to potentially protect you and your loved ones against the dangers of heat stress, exhaustion, and stroke. Too many avoidable health accidents take place in unattended, parked vehicles. It’s time to change that, by implementing new products and practices in to our day to day lives that will help ensure that we’re protecting our most important assets to the best of our ability- our loved ones.

Tips for Avoiding Vehicular Heat Stroke

As frightening as it can be to consider, it can be easy to temporarily forget that you have precious cargo in the back of your vehicle. And it only takes forgetting for ten minutes to endanger your pets, children, or other unable loved ones. Follow the checklist below to maximize your protection against vehicular heat induced illness.

  • • Make a habit of checking your backseat every time that you get in to or out of your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have a pet or child with you, always check. Just 30 days of forcibly reminding yourself to do this can create a force of habit that will trigger you to automatically check your vehicle in the future
  • • If you use Vesta, take advantage of the feature that allows you to add up to ten different phone numbers that will receive alerts and notifications. Talk to friends and family and find out who is best suited to respond to a potential emergency in the event that you are unable to.
  • • Leave pets at home during the hottest parts of the day- or year- where they are more likely to remain comfortable and safe.
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May 8, 2016