How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Pet Cats & Other Small Animals

Being stuck in a hot vehicle can be dangerous; or even deadly; for small animals and children. Many people do not realize how quickly the temperature inside of a parked vehicle rises. This is not only unfortunate- but also very dangerous.

Heat Stroke Can Strike Quickly

Did you know that the temperature inside of a vehicle rises roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit within just ten minutes? Ten minutes. You’ve probably sat around in the car waiting on someone for ten to twenty minutes on a warm, sunny day before. Do you remember how quickly it became uncomfortable to be inside of the vehicle?
Most people open the door, or get out and seek other shade after just ten minutes of sitting in an increasingly hot car. Your pets don’t have the option to do this however. They’re just trapped inside, steadily getting hotter while they wait for someone to realize that they are stuck in a bad situation.

Tips for Preventing Pet Heat Stroke

On days when the weather is particularly warm or hot, it’s best to just leave pets at home. If your pet does accompany you during the hot part of the day for whatever reason, there are a few things you can do to make your cat or other small animals more comfortable.

  • Soak a neck kerchief in cool water and have your animal wear it while in the car on hot days.
  • Make sure that animals are able to move into a shady spot if they become uncomfortable in the direct sunlight.
  • Bring another person along on your car ride that can take turns remaining in the vehicle with your cat or other animal.
  • Make sure your AC is working; you and your animals will both appreciate it on hot days.
  • Avoid taking animals for unnecessary car trips during the hottest part of the day.
  • Get a Vesta and learn about how it functions and what it can do for you

Vesta Can Help You Avoid Heat Stroke in Pets
We designed Vesta with pet owners like you in mind. We know that your pets are important to you and that you want to keep them safe from danger. We also realize however, that everyone gets busy from time to time and that occasionally pets get left in the car under less than ideal circumstances.
Vesta is a solar powered, environmentally friendly option for pet owners that are looking for a little extra security for their pets. Vesta is designed to send you text message alerts when the temperature and CO2 levels in your vehicle are both rising. A significant increase in both indicates that there could be a passenger in the vehicle that may be danger of overheating.
Our company cares about our world, and every living thing in it. That’s why we specialize in helping you prevent heat stroke in your pets. Our products offer the same benefits for small/young children as well.

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January 10, 2016